Right now at the moment we have 1000m2 of phyto camera’s.
By the end of July 2018 we can have about 600-900kg of high quality dry buds.
– 2500 m2 phyto camera, in the process of investment and start of production is planned for Q4/2018 with capacity of 3000 – 4000 kg high quality dry buds 5 times per year.
In addition according to our investment plan to increase We have ability to increase the phyto camera’s on this location with extra 11.000m2, is planned for Q1/2019.
This are our real projects and investment’s planed for 2018-2019, This is so far what we have now and forecast for 2018-2019.
As mentioned with license that we have we are one of the first Macedonian company which have ability and capacity to produce cannabis and it’s product’s. We would like to emphasize that Macedonia is one of the biggest agricultural producers in the region, with the proven record of clean and healthy environment for food production without any industrial pollution.
We are blessed with a unique climate enabling us to have healthy and clean agricultural products.
(From cultivation point of view our aim is to have between 6-10 different strains to operate with, depending on our customers’ needs and requests.
In our cultivation sector, we have a specialized indoor facility which is used for seed/strain breeding and research).
In the administration sector, aside of the separated facilities for employees, for trimming, storage, QA/QC testing, etc.,