– First location is 11.000 m2 green house, which currently is in a final preparation, first seeds in soil is planned for end of October 2018.
*Estimated production of 15.000kg of dry buds twice per year.
– Second location is 60.000 m2 green house, in process of regulatory approval.
First seed in soil is planed January 2019,
*Estimated production of 50.000kg of dry buds twice per year.
-Additional 180.000 m2 green houses available immediately at our request, if we need to.
In fact, one of our sites is the largest greenhouse facility in the region.
Our company policy is always to use environment friendly methods of growing.
As an example, we are using natural gas for heating the greenhouses and in the process of the respective heating, we are using the waste CO2 for enhancement of our cannabis crops which they turn in to a pure oxygen.
In that way, we use all the benefits of our systems and reducing our carbon foot print.