(R134a) extractions method is most reliable
for extraction of cannabis oil !!!

– Chemical name: 1, 1, 1, 2 – tetrafluoroethane
HFC134a systems operate under moderate Pressures, significantly less expensive than CO2 system BUT solvent cost higher
HFC134a purification process :
– Coat crude extract onto an inert solid material
– Extract with R134a
– Evaporate solvent
– Either crystallize directly or after filtration Summary – HFC134a as a solvent
– Why R134a
– More selective than hexane and scCO2 for wax and pigment rejection
– Modular system design allows multipurpose
– Approved for food and pharmaceutical applications
– Robust and reproducible technology
– Medium pressures – low capital costs
– Shorter processing time
– Not ozone – depleting
– It’s a green house gas